Kingdom Collegiate Academies (KCA) welcomes the opportunity to partner with you in your child’s education.

The goal of our partnership is to build on your child’s strengths, understand their behavior, and better address their cognitive, academic, social, cultural and spiritual needs.

We care about what’s important to you such as your child’s happiness, their safety, character development, academic success and spiritual growth.
At Kingdom Collegiate Academies, students are prepared to fulfill God’s highest purpose for their lives as they receive an exemplary academic foundation enriched with spiritual, social, athletic and cultural experiences.
KCA is now enrolling 18 months through grade 12. Depending on your child’s educational needs and grade level, you have the option of exploring and enrolling your child in one of our superior academies listed below. 

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KCA offers three options for your child's education. Choose the one that you prefer.

In-Person Classroom

Online Classroom

Online Self-Paced Study

Each Academy reserves the right to select students on the basis of compatible religious commitments, as well as the parents’ willingness to abide by our policies.